Mark J Peterson

Mark Peterson

Digital Marketing Professional and Certified Story Brand Guide

I’m dedicated to providing you with tools and information designed to propel you toward the success you desire, and I want to be your coach.
I worked as a leader in a Fortune 100 company for 18 years prior to moving to a small family-owned business in March of 2018.

In addition to starting a new digital marketing company, these experiences have equipped me to help small business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals just starting their professional careers.

I’m proud to be able to share the things I've learned with you to help you grow and realize your dreams as fast as possible.

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What Others are Saying...

Robin H. Lawson President, Financial Solutions Inc.


I found Mark a wonderful Advisor when considering some changes that I needed to make in my business. He got me to think thru issues that I hadn't thought of on my own and together we built a system/process that allowed everyone involved to succeed.

Outstanding resource and thinker of the issues related to business development.

Mark Love President/CEO

Raising the Bar

My experience working with Mark has been challenging (in the good sense). Mark will challenge you to think, to read, to improve!

Frequently there are topics, events, developments that you realize you just need to "run this by someone" to add another perspective or even affirmation of your ideas. But what about those areas where you think you have it figured out, conquered, under control? THAT's Mark's differentiator. Want to raise "your" bar? Engage with Mark around "those" topics. Beware - he'll challenge you.

Amanda Collins Financial Advisor

Instrumental Guide

Mark has been instrumental in helping me to grow personally and professionally. He has encouraged and challenged me to think differently and expand my comfort zone.

Through our time working together, I have developed a better sense of why I do the work that I do, and that has put me on a trajectory toward success. I highly recommend Mark if you are looking for someone who will walk beside you and guide you towards improving your business and yourself.