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Why You Should Interview Numerous Candidates

March 31, 2017  Min to Reads

Interview Numerous CandidatesYou are a busy manager. You have an opening in your organization. Can you feel the temptation to hire the first person that comes along? I can! Who has time to slog through dozens of resumes and conduct multiple interviews? You may think you don’t have the time, but you must make the time. When seeking to fill an open position you must interview numerous people.

If you choose to fill the position with the first candidate you encounter, you will likely hire the wrong person. Even worse, you will leave some talent undiscovered that could prove invaluable.

How slowing down made my company stronger

I have had the great pleasure to hire several people in my career. For some, it was to a new position within the company. For others, it was their very first job after college. In every case, the person I hired surprised me. Without exception, they brought more to the job than I expected. They possessed hidden strengths, untapped interests, and a deep desire to grow. Often, they moved on to greater opportunities in a matter of years.

In many of these hiring instances, I felt a great deal of pressure to get someone into the role fast. The vacancy was painful for everyone and threatened quality and productivity. Sometimes I found myself fixated on a single person as the quick answer to my quandary. The temptation to skip the process and hire them immediately was immense.

I was often forced to slow down and interview several people. As a result, my company and department benefited.

  • We put people in roles that allowed them to thrive
  • We created an engaged workforce
  • We filled our employment pipeline with future leaders
  • We discovered new talent for future positions
  • We avoided the pitfalls of hiring fast

The pitfalls of hiring fast

We know there are several benefits for interviewing numerous candidates. But, we also know there are several pitfalls for hiring the first person to come along.

Have you ever watched a person struggle in a job? They try hard. They put in the hours. They apply themselves. But they can’t make it work. Their work quality suffers, and they become dejected and disengaged.

Chances are you are witnessing a hiring failure. When we hire our first candidate and fail to look at several people, we head right for this pitfall.

Think back to that struggling employee. What were the consequences to the company? Some of these might ring true with your experiences.

  • Poor work quality
  • Disappointed customers
  • An increased cost to serve – you have to redo the work
  • A damaged brand – for you, the employee, and the company
  • Wasted time – excessive training, reporting, and problem-solving
  • Another open position to fill – when the person quits you’ll have to hire yet again.

Imagine the difference made by slowing down and interviewing several candidates. You will pick the most suited person for the position giving them a great opportunity to grow and succeed. And, you will avoid putting someone in the wrong position and setting them up for failure.

It’s about the people first, so slow down and make wise decisions. The people you hire will thank you and the company you represent will be stronger.

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