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Why I Write about the Disruptive Innovator

July 21, 2017  Min to Reads

For the past several weeks I’ve been writing about the Disruptive Innovator. In this series of posts, I attempt to describe what a Disruptive Innovator is and how to be one. I’ve also put together an ebook and some other helpful resources about the topic. The question is, why am I focusing my energy on this topic? Here’s why I write a blog…

Let’s be on honest, the obvious and most base reason is that I want you to buy the ebook. But that isn’t the core reason. The core reason that I created the ebook and wrote the blog posts, the core reason why I write comes from two of my core values.

1. Never stop learning
2.Help others

Why I Write – To Never stop learning

For the longest time, I’ve itched to start a business. Driving through town, I’d see an empty store front and say, “I should lease that building and start a business.” Or, I’d hear a podcast interview with some guy who started an online business and was making six figures. I’d wonder to myself, “how did he do that? Could I do that?”

At the same time, the concepts of innovation and disruption were becoming popular, and I was curious. What does it mean to innovate or to disrupt an industry? Is it something anyone can do, or just people like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk?

A desire to know how to start and run a business fueled a desire to learn, and I believe the act of learning, growing, and changing is connected to the act of living. One of my favorite tag lines is “If you stop learning, you are starting to die.” I’m sure that line isn’t original with me. I know I’ve heard others say similar things. Even so, it does represent my core value of learning.

So, I sought to learn about what it takes to be a disruptive innovator, and for me, the best way to learn is to teach. I keep more of what I learn when I teach others about it. When I read a book, I absorb its thesis when I explain it to many people. The act of telling others what I’ve learned reinforces that learning in my mind. This then leads to the second core value:

Why I Write – To Help Others

We exist for others, for the good of the community around us. When we live in keeping with our purpose and design we find fulfillment. When we live contrary to it, we experience frustration. This is a core truth of my world view and one proven true through experience.

Helping others fuels me. When I sit with someone to help them through a problem, I am fulfilled. When I see someone grow and achieve their goals as a result of my teaching, I am thrilled. In these activities I experience contentment and joy. So, I help others.

I know I’m not alone in my desire to know how to build something innovative and disruptive. I know this, and I want to help those people grow in their knowledge. I want to help them build the successful business of their dreams. I’ve benefited so much from the help and teaching of others, so that’s why I write, to help and benefit you.

I hope I’ve succeeded in some small way. If I can help YOU, please let me know through the comments below or by messaging me on Facebook.

May you find success and fulfillment…

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